Sunday 12 May 2019

Andrew Marr v Nigel Farage

Here's Andrew Marr trying to do to Nigel Farage what Andrew Neil did to Ben Shapiro:

It didn't get off to a good start for Andrew Marr:

Andrew Marr: Nigel Farage in 2016, why did you not advocate no deal?
Nigel Farage: Because it was obvious we could do a free trade deal. M. Barnier and the others were talking about this. The problem is the Prime Minister never asked for it, so we finished up in the mess we are in. And the only way...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) It was obvious, but it didn't happen.
Nigel Farage: Well, because the Prime Minister didn't ask for it. She chose to go for this 'close and special partnership'. Basically, right from the start, she was happy for us to be kept very close to the customs union. So where we are now, the only way the democratic will of the people can be delivered is to leave on a WTO deal.
Andrew Marr:  So you accept you weren't advocating no deal back then because you know...
Nigel Farage: (interrupting). Oh, no, no, no! In the referendum itself I was the one who coined the phrase 'no deal is better than a bad deal', which of course is pretty obvious...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) I've gone back, and you said it...if you said it, you said it away from the cameras and the microphones.
Nigel Farage: (interrupting) No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Andrew Marr:  Because I can't find examples of you saying this...
Nigel Farage: 'No deal is better than a bad deal' I was using every day for the last two weeks of that campaign.
Andrew Marr: Right. We can't find it.
Nigel Farage: Well, you'd better look closer!

Well, it look me less than a minute to find a BBC report from June 20th 2016 quoting Nigel Farage saying "No deal is better than the deal we currently have", and from there it was straight on a BBC report from June 8th 2016 about the previous day's ITV referendum debate which quotes Nigel saying "No deal is better than a rotten deal that we have at the moment" in front of the cameras and the microphones! 

I also quickly found him saying "No deal would be better than the rotten deal we have now" during a June 3rd 2016 Express Group referendum debate hosted by Nick Ferrari. 

So how on earth did Andrew Marr and his high-powered BBC team fail to "find it"?



  1. Nice one Craig! Perhaps Marr & Co. weren't trying very hard...

  2. Farage has learnt when and how to interrupt the interviewer - with great effect. In this case he makes Marr look underprepared and foolish - good.

    1. Yes. He has absorbed the lesson of Trump but also applied a bit of British subtlety and appeal to fair play into his responses.

      I like his technique of simply reforming the question into one he would prefer. So "Do you still not want people with HIV allowed into the country?" he restates as "Do I want the NHS to be for British people? Yes,I do." Neat!

      I would say he could still go for the jugular. Why not bring up Marr's past as a member of an extreme Trotskyite group, or his editorship of the extremely pro-EU Independent newspapers and so on.

    2. Sorry - The Monkey Brain Reality Check Facility tells me Marr was in fact a supporter of Mao - who killed around 20 million people - rather than Trotsky - who killed only about 0.5 million.

    3. Marr has a habit of treating his TV audience as idiots. Big mistake.
      At this moment in time for me, you could take every single politician in the House of Lords and House of Commons and give ALL of them P45's because they are all total liars.
      They voted to uphold the results of the 2016 referendum. They are not fit to govern.

  3. Here is our old favourite Gary Lineker wading into the Farage vs Marr debate with his opinions.

    He can say what he likes because he doesn't present news or current affairs - That BBC policy really needs to change.

    1. And so has Amber Rudd.

      As expected - comments could be going better. Poor Amber.

    2. Lineker thinks the BBC is above criticism. He thinks he deserves to receive millions of pounds from poor people scraping together the licence fee. He thinks he's clever. He thinks our democratic vote can be scoured from the record. He thinks he is virtuous. He thinks a lot of things which are wrong.

  4. It quickly descended into a very odd, disjointed interview. Marr just pelted him with one spurious attack after another. 'Here's something you said years ago that I don't like - All right, that's not working; here's ANOTHER thing you said years ago that I don't like.'

    Not Marr's finest moment.


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