Sunday 26 May 2019

Good news

The bottom of a plane (yes, really)

I saw a comment on Twitter earlier that said, "The BBC and Sky News gave Airbus headlines for weeks after it said it may pull out of Britain because of Brexit. Now they have said the opposite, great news for Britain, but not a peep from Sky or the BBC. Shameful liars". 

European planemaker Airbus wants to stay in the UK whatever the outcome of Brexit, as the country is "a very important pillar" for the company, new CEO Guillaume Faury said on Tuesday (21 May), amending negative comments made by his predecessor. 
In one of his first major media appearances since taking over in April, Faury stressed that the UK is “a very important pillar” for Airbus. 
For that reason, he said, “we want to stay in the UK”, regardless of the Brexit outcome and the future long-term relation between London and the EU, as he highlighted the high-skilled workforce and its research facilities in the UK.
“UK is part of Airbus and Airbus is part of the UK… and we would like to preserve that,” he said.
His predecessor, Tom Enders, warned in January that Airbus could take “very harmful decisions” for the UK as a result of a disorderly divorce.
The commenter on Twitter was right that Tom Enders's negative warnings about Brexit and Airbus's future in the UK post-Brexit were headline news at the BBC and Sky News. 24 Jan saw his comments as a main story on the BBC One's News at Six and News at Ten. The BBC News website also reported his views, and The Andrew Marr Show followed them up in February. Similar warnings from Airbus might leave the UK were widely reported in June 2018 

So why aren't new Airbus boss Guillaume Faury's far more positive comments getting similar headline coverage from the BBC and Sky News this week? Or any coverage for that matter?

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  1. Two very good questions at the end there...

    I'd hazard because all the important editors and reporters at BBC and Sky are insane Remainiacs. Just a guess.

    PS It was clear to me that Enders was v. close to Merkel (had all sorts of ties to the German Federal Government and was making statements meant to hasten us signing up to the Abject Surrender document.


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