Tuesday 28 May 2019

Jon Sopel falls foul of the Corbynistas

I came in an hour or so ago tonight and spotted that Jon Sopel had been editorialising on Twitter about the expulsion of Alastair Campbell from the Labour Party:

True, of course, but hardly impartial.

Of course, Jon can editorialise about Donald Trump till the bison come home without incurring the wrath of a Twitter mob, but criticise Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and the (far-left) hounds of Hell will be on you within minutes. As he's finding tonight. 

Here, for example (and one of the politest), is Ash Sarkar's Novara pal Aaron Bastani: "Did you comment on Heseltine’s suspension last week or do you only abuse your position at the BBC to defend friends from having rules applied to them?"

Is it wrong to be reaching for the (metaphorical) popcorn?


  1. Simply one lifelong Labour supporter (once ran the Labour Society at Southampton) defending another lifelong Labour supporter (used to be a gigolo*).

    * Took money from women of a certain age as a young man on the French Riviera...


    Does this stuff ever get an airing on HIGNFY? Cos I think it's hilarious! :)

    1. "His first job as a writer was penning pornography for Forum magazine from France under the pseudonym the Riviera Gigolo..."


  2. LOL it won’t but you couldn’t make up someone stating his party is a Remain party and using its % vote added to others to prove that Remain won the EU election. Only to be chucked out of the party because he didn’t vote for the party due to its confused stance on Brexit....if any political commentator ever let’s him forgot that they should also look for a new job.


    1. Comedian Lee Hurst (no longer on the BBC) tweeted this earlier today:

      "Alastair Campbell has just announced that, despite his expulsion, if you add up all the years he's been in the Labour Party, he is still technically in the Labour Party."

  3. Jon is very unique in so many ways. None good.


    His journalistic rigour appears on par with his grasp of basic legal principles, and of course that renowned BBC integrity.


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