Thursday 23 May 2019

BBC comedy

Good grief, this looks excruciating, but the BBC seems to be very proud of it:

Comments definitely could be going better. 

Mark Seddon of the FT has tweeted:
Pity the poor BBC reporters in Russia who are going to have all sorts of shit thrown at them because of this morbidly unfunny garbage. 


  1. If the BBC loves 'holding power to account' wouldn't Jean-Claude Juncker be a more appropriate candidate?

    Aren't they worried by the 'state actors' that reputedly Putin has to hand?

    1. Looking at the Gilet Jaunes arrest and injury stats in France, I'd nominate Macron.
      Hugh Schofield hasn't posted a report this year I believe. The last time I saw him on telly, he was cowering in front of a camera talking about how hostile the crowd was to the media.

      Retainers are great.


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