Sunday 12 May 2019

What is Nigel Farage best-known for?

One of the people I follow on Twitter, Dr. Paul Stott from the Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism, wrote this earlier today on the theme of the Andrew Marr/Nigel Farage interview:
The most illuminating part of the interview was when Andrew Marr claimed Nigel Farage is best known for the 'Breaking Point' anti-immigration poster. He's not. But that is what many activists find most unacceptable in his back catalogue. Marr was taking their views as fact.
I must admit, probably because my brain was locked in 'interruption-counting' mode, that I hadn't picked up on that. 

Checking back, here's what Andrew said:
Let's return to the thing that you are most well-known for, to a lot of people watching, which is that famous poster, the 'Breaking Point' poster that Ukip put up. Can I ask you, would the Brexit Party put that poster up?  
Paul has a point. 


  1. Nigel is best known for scaring the sh*t out of the two big parties.

  2. Owen Bennett on Sky Press Preview clearly pissed off with Marr - failed in his mission. The PC Globalists have clearly sounded the alarm. Operation Takedown Nigel is probably already at an advanced planning stage...

  3. 'Best known' to a BBC researcher appears to be akin to a Cathy Newman 'so what you are saying is'.

  4. Weasel words... of course the BBC can easily argue that 100 people is "a lot" and hence the statement is technically true. Sneaky!


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