Sunday 26 May 2019

John Bolton's moustache

It's not every day that a piece of facial hair gets a whole BBC Radio 4 Profile to itself, but the subject of this week's Profile was US National Security Advisor John Bolton's moustache. 

I'm joking of course, but only just. That moustache got plenty of mentions! 

Fans of BBC hatchet jobs will need to give this a listen, as it's fine example of the form. I'll just quote its opening passage: 
US news reporter: Is John Bolton the most dangerous man in the world? 
Mark Coles: Hmm. Good question! John Bolton,  Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, has been upping the ante with Iran of late, threatening military action - a tactic some fear could lead the two countries to war. "The new Dr. Strangelove", the Washington Post branded him this week. But to others he's an American patriot - a tough-talking hero, albeit one with a slightly silly moustache.
My ears pricked up at this passage from John Peel-impersonator Mark: 
[John Bolton] developed ties with a number of controversial groups, like the right-wing Gatestone Institute, which some have accused of anti-Muslim bias.
You'll see the Gatestone Institute on our side-bar. For the BBC though, it seems, it's "controversial" and "right-wing" and, oh no!, "some" have accused it of "anti-Muslim bias". We'll have to remove it then. (Not).

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  1. The BBC seem to forget that "some" have accused the BBC of anti-Muslim bias - people like MCB Chairmen, Baroness Warsi, and Lord Ahmed... :) So does that prove the BBC is anti-Muslim?


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