Saturday 25 May 2019

Confession time

I've been blogging about BBC bias, on and off, for nearly ten years now, and I think it might be starting to skew my political priorities. 

This week's European elections may or may not have transformative effects on UK and EU democracy, but none of that matters to me anywhere near as much as the fate of Change UK's lead candidate in London - ex-BBC megastar Gavin Esler - because I really, truly, madly want him to fail. Hopefully very badly. 

I know I should be ashamed of myself, but if my dream comes true and he loses I'll be cracking open my bottle of Jane Garvey 1997 Vintage Champagne overnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. 

I will now say two dozen Hail Marys. 


  1. You've got it bad but it's good to know you've found God! I noticed he was on the list of candidates on the ballot paper on Thursday. It was the array of names that caught my eye. James I think was one of them. With a bit of luck this will be the last we see of him.

  2. Well my prayers for divine intervention to save us from the Abject Surrender appear to be have been answered...(I suppose I shouldn't speak too soon but May's deal does seem to be the proverbial dead parrot).

    1. Deceased, extinct, shuffled off its mortal coil, gone to meet its maker etc etc! They don't write 'em like that any more!


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