Saturday 25 May 2019

"Fallen among fundamentalists"

The transcript in the post below, from last night's Newsnight, is of a report by the Prince of BBC political profilers, Michael Cockerell. It came with elegiac strings and plainchant (Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium - 'Tell, tongue, the mystery of the glorious Body'). Its closing lines might prove controversial. Who exactly are the "fundamentalists" who did for the "dutiful woman"?
Theresa May will very soon join the pantheon of former British prime ministers. Mrs May was a dutiful woman who had fallen among fundamentalists. Her legacy is to leave a country as divided as at any time since Cromwell.


  1. It's all a part of their latest position as they try to conduct an orderly retreat. Since it became clear that May was to go, they have given up on their own fundamentalism (non-stop second referendum propaganda, aimed at overturning the result of the first) and have been making appeals for "compromise". As part of the "compromise package" come admonitions against fundamentalism and ideological purity.

    So it is no surprised to see the reference to Cromwwell - Puritans, purity...

    Maitlis was so keen to push the "purity" nonsense that she actually ended up lying about what Mark Francois had said on the programme.

    Here's an extract from a post of mine on the previous open thread:

    "Maitlis sounding a bit off her head tonight...could be the first victim of Boris Derangement Syndrome...also lying. She claimed that Mark Francois said earlier in the programme that Steve Baker was "purer" than other candidates. Francois specifically rejected that term suggested by Uselss Maitlis and simply said "more consistent".

    So to then say he said "Purer" is to lie about what he said. Jenni Russell deliberately (I am sure - wouldn't trust her an inch but bet her memory is sharp) then echoes the lie repeating that Francois said "purer" when of course the record shows he did not. Re Maitlis - is it no longer important if a BBC presenter (a) knowingly lies about something said
    about 15 mins earlier or (b) is so incompetent that she forgets what a guest said on a matter of crucial national importance in direct response to her question just 15 mins earlier. "

    1. I noticed this too and for me this takes the BBC to a new low. I tuned in live at the end of the show and heard her sentence alluding to "purity" w.r.t Mark Francois. It grabbed my attention and was really interested what he must have said earlier. So went back to watch the full episode and it was her that used the word "pure" in the question, he never used that word! Either shes a liar or a terrible listener (blocked by her own projections). Either case she should not be paid to conduct interviews with licence payers money.

  2. I found a youtube of it online which illustrates why I mostly don't switch on to watch or listen to BBC any more or if I do, I switch off pretty quickly.

    If I want to hear Michael Cockerell discussing Theresa May why would I want a cello or a choir and the rest intruding into that? Who does want that? Mr Burley should go on twitter and explain that one.


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