Sunday 12 May 2019

The Three Graces

Three young ladies on Andrew Marr's sofa today

Sticking with The Andrew Marr Show...

If ever I were to stand for public election, would it land me in the kind of serious hot water that people who misspeak so often land themselves in these days if I were to say on this blog, at this very moment, on this very day, that there wasn't just one Grace on Andrew Marr's sofa this morning but Three Graces (Grace Blakeley, Madeline Grant and Caroline Wheeler)?. 

The regular all-women guest lists on the Andrew Marr show's paper reviews have drawn a lot of comment, so I thought I'd do a count of all the paper reviewers so far this year to see if the imbalance is as heavy as people claim.. 

It turns out that in 2019 there have been 10 men and 29 women. 

Someone at the BBC (editor John Neal?) must, therefore, be earning lots of brownie points for ticking the BBC's diversity boxes well and truly above and beyond the call of duty.

The ladies today were a delight.


  1. Where are all the over 60 women of a Sunday morning? Oh yeah, on BH...on radio. :)

  2. Grace Blakely is the only one I know of. She's from the New Statesman, I think, and becoming a regular on the BBC, especially on the Politics Live.

    I thought the editor of Marr was Burley.

    1. Yes that Grace Blakeley works for the New Statemsman makes sense as she was privately educated at the Lord Wandsworth College boarding school.

    2. And she's on trend - declaring a love for anarcho-communism. :)

      Who are her parents? - ready to teach her anarcho-communism but loaded enough to send her to such a prestigious boarding school?

      I see she's referencing the saintly Tony Benn - left £5 million to his children. Not a penny for socialist causes.

      They're all hypocrites.

    3. That's a good one!

  3. Burley was going mental how awesome the Neil interview was and then even more mental how the Farage one was not his fault but a real win for the BBC. He seems to do little else. Some rate him as he engages, but he only engages when he knows it serves. Anything veering off piste and he bails.


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