Saturday 21 December 2019

Breathing Toryscepticism

The Daily Mail is accusing the BBC of "bullying" in pursuit of "its licence-fee billions". 

We already knew (though it's still a startling figure) that the BBC's legal actions over non-payment of the licence fee account for one in ten of all magistrate hearings, but the Mail says it also accounts for a third of criminal cases brought against women. (One for Woman's Hour?)

Meanwhile, in The Times, an admirer of the BBC, Trevor Phillips, is now calling for licence fee reform.

He thinks the BBC is "digging its own grave" as "it breathes Toryscepticism".

He's also deeply concerned about the corporation's "increasingly “woke” behaviour". He thinks that's "endangering the central justification for special treatment, which is its universal reach".

I suspect the BBC won't have enjoyed being criticised by Trevor Phillips. 

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  1. Yes, good comments from Trevor Phillips.


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