Sunday 22 December 2019

More Stormzy

It was only yesterday that I wrote:
On the question of whether we as a country had fewer "shared moments" during this past decade, Kirsty Wark suggested a couple - one of which was Stormzy. That made me smile. It's very BBC. The BBC loves Stormzy and has shared many a Stormzy moment over the past few years. Others may take the Brendan O'Neill line that Stormzy is "a Guardian editorial made flesh".
This, then, couldn't be less of a surprise: 
The BBC are so down with the kids.

But this latest "shared BBC Stormzy moment" doesn't look to receiving universal acclaim - at least if the top-rated comments in response to the BBC's tweet are anything to go by:
  • What a great way of making everyone turn over. Well done BBC1
  • Nice one BBC, the guy just called us all racists so let's give him a platform. Who's reading the night before Christmas? Abu Hamsa?
  • Thanks for flagging it up for me so I can remember NOT to watch it.
  • That successfully alienates about 95% of your viewers & licence fee victims. Count me out.
  • .,. gouges eyes out with a spoon then perforates eardrums drums with the sticky end.

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