Saturday 21 December 2019

Laura K sees the Winter Solstice light after the Christmas election

The fiendishly slow-to-move, user-unfriendly Daily Express website has well and truly beaten my patience when it comes to transcribing videos accurately, so, despite trying hard to prepare a spot-on transcript myself tonight, I'll simply have to post the Express's own transcript - which is more or less right.

This then (as per the Express's transcript) is Laura Kuenssberg on the BBC's Brexitcast:
From a historical point of view, when people look back at this period and they look at the extent of the Labour defeat, I think people will look back and think, "hang on - people voted for something in 2016 and then lots of people in the political establishment in Westminster spent three years trying to undo that. What?"
People thought we would be out the next day. Politicians on both sides, including the then-Prime Minister David Cameron stood on platforms and said if you vote this way, it will happen. 
They said there was no going back, and that this wasn't a vote that you can have a second opinion on. 
Lo and behold, three years later people are scratching their heads in the Labour Party, thinking maybe that was a bit of problem that they were trying to undo something that people voted for. 
There are perfectly legitimate reasons for people to campaign for a second referendum. 
But, covering it as a story, to me it just seemed like, people voted for that. It’s not your job to undo it!
Good for Laura. She's right.

Yes, it's a shame she's only saying it now, three and a half years after the Brexit vote and only after the general election, but it's a rare shaft of Brexit fairness from a senior BBC reporter and, surely, has to be welcomed. 

The extreme wing of the Remain movement on Twitter is not at all happy with her. To put it mildly. (And many of them are not putting it mildly). 

Like that matters.

They have, via the election, been found out to be just a small, noisy anti-democratic rump.

Laura, just ignore them and listen to us instead, and think on what the BBC has done since June 2016 to undo what people voted for in 2016.

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  1. Well, it’s easy for her to say that now, now that the 80-seat majority effectively extinguishes the meddlers and cunctators for good. She’s spent the last three years peddling the same old nonsense and exhibiting the same anti-brexit bias as the rest of them. There’ll no doubt be more of them, following along behind, all exhibiting a sudden clarity of perspective as reality begins to dawn.


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