Saturday 28 December 2019


Ed Potton in The Times records "the next stage in the anointing of Saint Stormzy": Yes,, Stormzy will be playing Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny, "that staple of Middle England’s New Year’s Eve". As Ed says, Stormzy's "stock is so high that he’ll probably be rapping the Big Ben bongs".


  1. The BBC use a singular phrase when referring to both Stormzy and Anthony Joshua:

    'Will he become the firstBAME billionaire rapper/boxer? I suspect either would have sufficed for the BBC empty chair at the table of wealth. Alas, Joshua lost his world titles - and with very bad timing - he won them back, but left insufficient time for the BBC Sports channels to big him up in time for SPOTY. So, Stormzy it is then.

  2. Expect whingeing, whining, virtue signalling, venomous bias, gang glorification and bombastic boasting. What a lovely treat!


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