Sunday 15 December 2019

Is Jeremy Corbyn a troll?

Hmm. Jeremy Corbyn has posted a video today (apparently, he's 100% right, but life's a bitch):

As you'll see from the caption heading his tweet, his message is "Our time will come". 

Now, as pugnazious at Biased BBC notes, "Our time will come", however innocuous it sounds, is actually a major Irish republican slogan, Tiocfaidh ár lá

So, the obvious questions is: would Jeremy Corbyn - or whoever wrote this Twitter comment (Seumas, maybe?) - be unaware of that Irish republican connection when writing "Our time will come", especially given JC's strong interest (shall we say, to put it mildly) in Irish republican affairs? 

I doubt it.

Wonder if any mainstream media outlets, such as the BBC, will seriously look at Jeremy Corbyn's "Our time will come" tweet in the light of all that pugnazious has drawn to our attention to?

Looking into this myself even further, I'd guess that Mr Corbyn's tweet (whoever actually wrote it) is a deliberate piece of post-election trolling by the pro-IRA elements in Mr Corbyn's office, possibly with the Labour leader's blessing. (I can't imagine him being bright enough to think of doing such a thing himself, no offence). 

If anyone spots any speculation about this on the BBC please let us know. 


  1. I think it's closely related to that other IRA catchphrase "We only need to get lucky once." - directed at a previous Conservative PM (John Major I think, after the failed assassination attempt on the Cabinet.)

    I think that's very much the attitude of Milne, McCluskey, McDonnell, Lansman and Corbyn and the rest of the Far Left community..."We only need to get lucky once...if we stick with it, we will eventually win a general election, and that will be the last one run under the current rules of bourgeois democracy. After that we have permanent power."

  2. IRA connotations not withstanding, the kind of delusional politics Corbyn represents came and went a very long time ago.


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