Wednesday 18 December 2019

Paying tribute


Lewis Goodall, soon to become Newsnight's policy editor, pays tribute to Lady Hale:
UK Supreme Court: The President of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale, will officially retire on 10 January 2020. Her valedictory will take place tomorrow at 9.30am in the Supreme Court. Whilst the ceremony is not a public event, it can be watched live via our website at:
Lewis Goodall: A brilliant and remarkable woman in our public life. All the poorer for her going.
Peter ‘BBC behind him all the way’ Martin: Maybe the Sky or BBC could present her with a leaving brooch?


  1. Why would he tweet that? Surely it was to virtue signal his politics to the faithful and to his comrades to be at the BBC.

    It’s all part of the game if you want to be in the club.

  2. Maybe a CD of that classic, "Boris the Spider", by The Who would be appropriate.

    Or maybe, as in cricket, a little urn containing ashes and labelled "The British Constitution - After Lady Hale Got Her Hands On It".

    Or maybe just 12 malodorous cats.

  3. Spider Granny is currently a BBC BFF for certain comments that, when played back onto her and an adoring BBC Editorial team on twitter as applied to people and causes the BBC does not hold dear, could fall under #CCBGB


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