Sunday 15 December 2019

"The hard Brexiteer of the ERG who insults Muslim women in print or the centrist London mayor who marches with Gay Pride?"

As regular readers will know, I don't mind a bit of Paddy on a Sunday morning, but not even I can defend him over this part of his narrative this morning:
After millions of us picked a candidate, so too must the Prime Minister. Which Boris Johnson will he choose? The hard Brexiteer of the ERG who insults Muslim women in print or the centrist London mayor who marches with Gay Pride?
How's that for a loaded dichotomy! 

And, of course, Boris was actually defending Muslim women's right to dress as letterboxes in that article, and he was actually joking about the item of clorhing they wore, but Chris Morris is otherwise engaged so probably won't be reality-checking Paddy over this. 


  1. Chris Morris has got round to doing his Reality Check:

    "Many people have criticised Boris Johnson over his comments about women in Islamic clothing, and the comments have variously been described as "racist", "Islamophobic" and "hateful". While Paddy O'Connell's words could be interpreted as suggesting that the Prime Minister had previously insulted all Muslim women, it is not clear that was Mr. O'Connell's intention. With reference to Gay Pride, the Prime Minister has referred to Gay Men as "b*m b*ys" and has never dissociated himself from those comments. So Mr O'Connell could be said to have offered the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt in this important regard.

    Conclusion: Paddy O'Connell was setting out a valid divergence in perceptions of Boris Johnson who has been criticised for often appearing to adopt dramatically opposed positions, as exemplified by the two articles about Brexit he wrote prior to the Referendum, one pro and one con. Have I mentioned that before. Also: Boris Johnson is an absolute Jeremy Hunt."

  2. Boris says it as it is, while others say it how they think it should be based on a complete twisting of the facts. The illiberal lying lefties always twist reality... most Labour voters down the working men's club would find letterbox women as simply funny (and correct) and as for homosexuals, their views are unprintable.


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