Saturday 21 December 2019

Shared Stormzy moments

Also on the subject of last night's Newsnight:

On the question of whether we as a country had fewer "shared moments" during this past decade, Kirsty Wark suggested a couple - one of which was Stormzy. That made me smile. It's very BBC. The BBC loves Stormzy and has shared many a Stormzy moment over the past few years. Others may take the Brendan O'Neill line that Stormzy is "a Guardian editorial made flesh".

Kirsty's other suggestion, if you were wondering, was the 2012 Olympics. (I'm assuming she meant the opening ceremony rather than the sporting success of Team GB that year). 


  1. Because in Wark's fevered mind, it's absolutely fine that one of the UK's most succesful cultural exports goes on Italian TV and brain farts that the UK is "100% racist".

    Stormzy also refused to play at a Corbyn rally for less than 20 grand, such a socialist is he.

    I wish white kids would just stop buying this guy's wares and realise that middle class white guilt and ethnic alpha male advantage taking only goes one way.
    He's not a good guy, kids.

  2. You've nailed Wark there! :) Shared moments, indeed!

    Stormzy promotes an unpleasant, very macho and male-exclusive gang culture (always groups of young, more often than not unsmiling and aggressive, men in his videos). I like quite a lot of rap - it can be very witty and insightful - but his rap promotes a very grim and reductive view of life. It's all boasting and threats and gangs. The BBC present a deliberately sanitised and soft-washed Stormzy.

    2012 Olympics! lol I enjoy athletics, particularly long distance running, but I know the vast majority of people find such events dull. As for the opening ceremony it was an embarrassment. I recall the Barcelona opening which as actually very inventive and effective. All I can remember of the 2012 is nurses pushing hospital beds around...bizarre for an event that's meant to celebrate youth, physical prowess and elite performance. Of course, for the BBC it's not about those things, it's about celebrating diversity, disability and women.


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