Saturday 17 October 2015

"Amazed. That's quite a sign for a London street in 2015"

They aren't all the same.

Here's The Daily Politics's Giles Dilnot, for example:

Unfortunately, yes, that is quite a sign for a London street in 2015.

It's getting grim.


  1. I saw a pro-Palestine demo outside London once. A very unsavoury bunch.

  2. Nice to see Dilnot isn't as disgusting as so many other Beeboids on this issue, but he shouldn't be condoning one side or the other like that. It is going in the collection, though, as a rare - unique? - example of a Beeboid not supporting or 'understanding' the sentiment expressed in the placard.

    Having said that, Dilnot needs to be told his colleagues are partially responsible for how widely that sentiment is held in Britain.

  3. I wonder if Michael Grade thinks the BBC bears any responsibility for shaping the opinions of the woman holding that placard.


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