Saturday 17 October 2015

"We are all immigrants"

You may have thought I was joking earlier and that Janina might have been engaging in a spot of wishful thinking, but now it's straight from the horse's mouth...and the Guardian...

Yes, the BBC really did choose to go with its new Game of Thrones-style epic, The Last Kingdom, because of its helpful 'message' about immigration - i.e. that we English are all immigrants:
Bernard Cornwell: BBC made The Last Kingdom due to its 'interesting echoes of today'
The BBC was inspired to make a lavish new series about King Alfred the Great because of current debates about immigration and nationhood, according to the author of the historical drama. 
The Last Kingdom is based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell about how King Alfred became the first king of the Anglo-Saxons and created England. 
Cornwell said the BBC was interested in the story because it had echoes of today. 
“That’s why they [the BBC] picked it”, he said. “I do see something modern in it – that we are all immigrants. The Saxons are immigrants – according to the British, the Celts, they have stolen the land they have. The first shield wall battle which Uhtred takes part in is [for the Saxons] against the Welsh. 
“The Saxons were very successful colonisers, and neighbours, then the Danes, the Normans, the Huguenots, you name it … right through to this century, we are all immigrants.”
Thank you Mr Cornwell for confirming yet again that the BBC has precisely the agenda we think it has.


  1. Can they not make the very basic distinction between immigrants and someone whose (often very distant) ancestors were immigrants? I am not an immigrant because I was born in the country I currently reside in.

  2. We're done Roman...
    We must lyrically wax on
    About the Saxon.
    (Who brought us that bore-fest called Beowulf).
    We must all have a liking
    For the Viking.
    (Overlooking the murder and mayhem.)
    To depreciate the Dane
    Would be profane.
    (There were no Cnuts among them.)
    We must applaud the core plan
    Of the Norman
    (Which gave us so many castles to visit on a wet Sunday.)
    And as for the Huguenot -
    If their story you know:
    Lace said the better.

    1. A fine poem!

      Don't forget the Jute,
      Who we mustn't call a brute.
      (And who as Geats inspired the bore-fest called Beowulf)..

  3. Can't wait for the BBC review of the next series of Game of Thrones where they berate everyone south of The Wall for being xenophobic racists for not welcoming the undead army of immigrants with open hearts and arms. They're only seeking a better life, right?

  4. Kinda misses the point I'm not entirely sure the people being invaded by the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Normans etc where that keen on the next wave? So why do they assume I should be its not racism it's my desire for my kids to be brought up in the same safe environment I was.


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