Sunday 18 October 2015

Unaltering images

Returning to a familiar theme - the BBC's relentless use of unrepresentative images of women and children and the disabled to 'represent' the migrant/refugee crisis (the vast majority of whom are actually young adult males)...

Here are screenshots of all the various close-up images being used on the BBC's main migrant crisis report tonight (from Caroline Wyatt), re those 84 protesting bishops. See if you spot a pattern:


  1. Altogether now...

    "Imagine there's no young men...
    It isn't hard to do...
    Especially if you're from the BBC
    Or maybe even Sky too..."

  2. An FoI on how picture editorial decisions are arrived at would be fascinating.

    Of course the BBC had a nifty way to avoid that process ever being explained.

    Just love that they seem to have convinced themselves that this technique is effective, no one outside the bubble has noticed and they should keep on doing it.


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