Sunday 11 October 2015

The film they can't stop talking about

Here's something I wrote yesterday:
Then it was onto the film that has got the left-liberal parts of chattering classes chattering (and if they're chattering then Newsnight is bound to be chattering too): Suffragette.
Well, jumping Jehosaphat!, today's Andrew Marr Show also had a feature on it - an interview with Suffragette actress Anne-Marie Duff. 

And straight after, Sunday Morning Live went for not one but two features on it - a discussion on whether the Suffragettes battle continues today plus an interview with Suffragette actor Brendon Gleeson concerning equality and the women's rights movement. 

I'm waiting for BBC One's Russian Grand Prix coverage at 11 o'clock with bated breath. Will Suzi Perry be interviewing Suffragette actress Helena Bonham Carter? I do hope so!

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  1. Historically, there was once a peaceful progressive movement for women's suffrage that had every prospect of achieving the first stages in the late 1890's and early 1900's. This was hijacked by the Pankhurst's and extreme elements. The consequence was a hardening of attitudes but more to the point to make the Suffrage movement a no go area for law abiding reformers. The first steps might have occurred in the 1906 Liberal Government had not the Pankhurst's etc. turned Women's Suffrage into a pantomime.


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