Saturday 3 October 2015

Faking it

Even The Guardian/Observer is sticking the boot into the BBC tonight...
BBC footage of lightning over erupting volcano was stirring, dramatic – and fake
The BBC has admitted that footage of a volcanic eruption screened as part of its natural history blockbuster series, Patagonia: Earth’s Secret Paradise, was faked. The scene, purporting to depict a single volcano in eruption, was actually created by splicing together eruptions from two separate volcanoes. One eruption took place in 2011, the other in 2015. 
The admission is likely to trigger a new row over the use of digital techniques to make documentaries more dramatic and popular, and will embroil the corporation in further controversy at a time when its finances and remit are under parliamentary scrutiny.
Staff at the BBC’s natural history unit – which made the series – were also said to be angry about the inclusion of the doctored scene, which they fear could erode trust in their output. “If we falsify one scene, who is going to believe anything else in that programme or, for that matter, any other film that we produce,” one staff member told the Observer.
Oh dear.


  1. Oh shit! The news is an important one but is really BBS biased?

  2. I rt'd that shot and said it was what the BBC still does well.

    Consider trust further.... 'Eroded'.

  3. But the BBC operates to a higher standard.....everybody does it.....but the BBC operates to a higher's only a nature documentary, get a grip.....but the BBC operates to a higher standard.....there's always a bit of production studio magic in these things, no nature documentary is 100% real....but the BBC operates to a higher standard......error.....error.....


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