Sunday 18 October 2015

"I think it's wonderful"

Talking about multicultural matters...

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 marked the BBC's 'Faith in the World Week' by featuring interviews (long and short) with believers from several of the UK's faith communities. 

The tone was upbeat throughout all the segments - except for the two bits featuring Muslims, both of which focused on the the difficulties Muslims say they face in the UK (par for the course for a BBC programme of course).

Except for the bits about those hard-done-by Muslims, her message was consistent and, typically, the chosen closing words of her report (from a young Jewish lad) spelled it out loud and clear:
I think it's wonderful that we live with all these different cultures and I think it's wonderful that we've got the facilities in place, the institutions, where you've got these people talking and there's dialogue between different faiths. I think it's wonderful.
...which might be in the running to become the BBC's official motto some time soon.

Besides the various believers (and the man from the centre-left think tank Demos who's carried out a poll for the BBC), Rosie also gave us the views of an expert in the field - Adam Dinham from the University of London. He began his contribution by saying:
We've always been a nation of immigrants with a milieu of religion and belief churning away. 
...which might also be in the running to become the BBC's official motto some time soon.

And so it goes on, and on and on and on and........


  1. It could be a competition. How many migration platitudes can you work into one sentence?

    "I think it's wonderful - we should welcome this new and vibrant addition to our culture, because even though we have always been a nation of immigrants with diverse backgrounds, we are still in reality a stale and moribund country that needs migration to revitalise our economy and ensure that the NHS doesn't collapse under the dead weight of all those old people with their ignorant xenophobic ideas from a bygone era."

    Will that do for starters?

  2. You know what? I think it would be wonderful if all these faiths lived together like the proverbial cats and dogs and we had this totally awesome, like, inter-faith dialogue and everything. But they don't. We don't. And this is an agenda to force people to perpetuate a lie. The closing statement is a lie. Of course, the BBC boss who commissioned this piece knows it's a lie, or it wouldn't need to have been made.

  3. "We'd like to teach the world to sing... in perfect harmony. It won't of course, so we'll inform... using uniquely compelled fee payer money..."

    1. Fix the last line so it ends with 'license fee', and you have something there. And that song perfectly illustrates that the BBC is run by people stuck in a mindset from 40 years ago.


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