Saturday 11 November 2017

Send in the John Sweeneys

Fans of Newsnight's very own 'Mr Impartiality', John Sweeney, will doubtless treasure his, openly and without caveat, calling the UK's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson MP "the clown prince of British politics" on last night's edition of the programme. 


  1. Sweeney Odd would boil his own mother and put her in a pie if he thought it would stop Brexit.

  2. Clown Brown used to be a familiar refrain on Message Boards, Blogs and such.

    I've no objection to the BBC sinking ever lower; only to being obliged to pay for it.

  3. We are familiar with the concept of Old Dad Dancing at weddings...where men well past their prime over-exert themselves with with wild gesturing that is meant to pass for dancing. Something similar happens I think in the world of media where old white males are now an endangered species. For people like Sweeney, especially also being obese (a sin in itself), his only hope of surviving in his career is to do some wild PC gesturing.


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