Sunday 5 November 2017

Introspective Post 207

Bloggers are, of course, all-knowing and all-seeing. We're not the sort of buffoons who'd waste an entire Sunday evening preparing a transcript of an Andrew Marr Show interview only to realise, having finished the transcript and begun tidying it up to make it presentable for our dear readers, that the Andrew Marr Show itself was bound to have posted its very own transcript several hours earlier. 

The piece posted directly below this one proves that beyond doubt.

Now please excuse me while I go outside and shoot myself.


  1. Look at the bright side; you picked up all the interrupts.

  2. How is anyone supposed to know they would produce a transcript? I would have read it myself if I'd known before I saw yours...

  3. How do you capture the annoying sententiousness of Marr's delivery in a transcript?

  4. Please do not.

    This may be a BBC cunning plan to 'deal' with troublesome facts cropping up as fewer and fewer trust them.

    A bit like 'what will be said' headlines that turn out not to be based on what actually does get said, it is not inconceivable that BBC 'what was said' transcripts get run through that oddly unique BBC ' archive improvement' filter system too.

    1. Saw this and thought to you:


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