Tuesday 7 November 2017

Is the BBC biased?

Compare the allegations of sexual harassment and rape against Harvey (casting couch) Weinstein, and those of violent rape against Tariq (admirable young reforming moderate in the world of Islamic religious thinkers) Ramadan.

In the case of the former, the allegations shouldn’t have come as a great surprise, given Weinstein’s reputation and the reputation of the movie industry as a whole. (No excuse, but that’s for another time. (possibly) ) It was an open secret, rather like the BBC’s own untouchable sexual deviant, everyone’s friend, Mr. Jim’ll-fixit. 

The BBC has been, and still is, going to town on this and various showbiz-related cases, yet are being comparatively reserved when it comes to reporting the case of Mr. Ramadan
In my opinion Ramadan’s abject hypocrisy makes the whole thing even more  scandalous and, I’d say, more newsworthy.

I’ve read this report by French journalist Caroline Fourest, the lady that Sky news famously and abruptly cut off as she wielded a “Mo” Charlie Hebdo cover, live. 

Also in the newspapers (Telegraph (£)) is a defence of the good professor by someone who has featured on this blog previously, another Oxford professor, colleague and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, Eugene Rogan.

On Ramadan’s Facebook page he protests his innocence. His supporters (multitudes of them) urge him to say strong, and assure him that the truth will prevail, Allah willing. It’s all a smear, by the way, orchestrated by the Zionists.

Is the BBC biased? You decide.


  1. I've seen a reference to Ramadan's post being Qatari funded - but I don't think that ever gets a mention on the BBC. Remember - Qatar is being boycotted by Saudi Arabia as "too extreme"! That should tell you something.

  2. Actually...another thing about the Ramadan business...I read about him recently (there were more accusations regarding his school career) that he was a secondary school teacher for much of the 80s and 90s...I wondered: how many long term secondary school teachers go on to such illustrious positions at Oxford University. I'd guess none...just this Sharia Apologist.


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