Tuesday 7 November 2017

Leader Column

The BBC's news priorities are very odd at the moment. 

Yes, they've obviously invested a lot of time and effort in the 'Paradise Papers' story and are making as much of it as they possibly can, but to be still leading with it tonight, after the shocking death of a senior Welsh politician, and with Donald Trump arriving in South Korea, Boris, Priti Patel and the extraordinary goings-on in Saudi Arabia, suggests to me that their news priorities have become severely skewed.

Worse, BBC One's News at Six decided to squeeze the time devoted to the other major news stories of the day to make space for a Will Gompertz interview with the new editor of British Vogue - an interview that focused, in typical BBC fashion, on the fact that he's black and that his appointment might signal that Vogue is finally catching up with modern multicultural Britain. 

Maybe it's time for them to pause, take a deep breath and then attempt to regain a proper sense of perspective.

Update: And on it goes tonight apparently, according to Iain Martin:
"Not again! #paradisepapers leads the Beeb 10". "This raises serious questions for the Prince." No it doesn't. Rules unchanged. Law unbroken.

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