Saturday 11 November 2017

Slips (Freudian or otherwise)

I saw a comment elsewhere today saying that a BBC reporter, immediately after this morning's Two Minutes Silence (on the BBC News Channel), "described tomorrow’s commemorations as ‘celebrations’". The commenter elsewhere denounced that as "absolutely disgusting", and speculated that it could have been a junior BBC reporter. I investigated it (as you do as a blogger), and found it was no junior reporter but a seasoned BBC presenter: Shaun Ley. I suspect, however, that he'd be mortified if his slip was pointed out to him - and it obviously was a slip. Whether it was a Freudian slip or not, however, I cannot say, given that I'm not privy to the keys and locks of people's brains (other than on a purely amateur basis). 


  1. Poppies and the two minutes silence are licensed patriotism - the only sort of patriotism allowed by the BBC. Anything else is banned or subject to ridicule. Very odd really! But you can see it works for the BBC. It's the equivalent of Songs of Praise...all that's left of anything remotely like Christianity on BBC TV.

  2. Just listening to Dimbleby on BBC1 orating with a reverent tone such as not heard since the electorate heartbreakingly voted to leave.


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