Saturday 4 November 2017

'Tory biased BBC'

I wonder what the collective noun is for a flock of Twitterers in fully cry? 'A prattle' maybe? Or 'a gabble'? Perhaps 'a burble'? ' A drivel' even? What about 'a yap'? Of course, it could just be 'a twitter of Twitterers', couldn't it? That would be a bit boring though so I think I'll go with 'a drivel of Twitterers'.

Cries of 'BBC Tory bias!' have (as ever) been busily 'drivelling' around Twitter in recent days, many variations on the same question (though the number of Tory MPs cited is often slightly different). An entirely typical one reads:
Why are you ignoring the 36 Tory MPs? Proof of indiscretions on paper but you concentrate on 3 Labour MPs! Tory biased BBC.
Oddly when I clicked on the BBC News website yesterday morning it was leading with Fallon denies 'lewd remarks' allegation and this morning it's leading with Tory MP Charlie Elphicke suspended. Both are Tories. 


  1. There can only be one 'nasty party' so evidence to the contrary must be deflected like there's no tomorrow.

    Agitation is a way of life in the new 1930s.

  2. The Labour Party is the new Anti-Sex League (copyright George Orwell) and so by definition there can be no sex in it except between senior cadres like Jeremy and Diane. And so, clearly, any suggestion otherwise is a dastardly capitalist plot to do down the workers.


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