Wednesday 8 November 2017


Many of his colleagues are patting James Landale on the back for exposing a breach of ministerial code which seems to have prompted the imminent sacking of another member of the Conservative government. Well done James! And you did so with such relish!  
But as well as drawing attention to a violation of procedure, this investigative triumph has unleashed a Pandora’s box of bile.

Patel and Erdan

While Jeremy Corbyn hangs out at the Finsbury Park Mosque with his friends, prominent members of Hamas, James Landale’s ever-expanding revelations are currently facilitating an outpouring of  unadulterated, ignorance-fuelled hatred. Check out the comments section in the Indy for starters. 

Corbyn and Kozbar

I’m not saying that ministers should be allowed to ‘get away with’ breaches of protocol if it suits 'my' agenda. But unless we can be sure that Priti Patel’s breach is unique and unprecedented I’ll reserve judgement, and until I can be certain that all violations of protocol are consistently rooted out, quashed and tried by media whenever and wherever they have happened, I’ll keep quiet.

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  1. What 'colleagues' are doing to James goes a lot lower than his back.

    And is much less edifying.


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