Sunday 19 November 2017

You tell her, Rabbie!

Imagine you're one of those BBC reporter-presenters who uses Twitter as part of their reporting and includes 'BBC' in their Twitter handle. Then imagine that you're also  one of those BBC reporter-presenters who is highly opinionated and one-sided on Twitter. The rules on impartiality that the BBC applies to its employees on Twitter (and Facebook) don't seem to unduly bother such a hypothetical BBC reporter-presenter, and on she steams. 

Say she's based in Washington and reporting about US politics, this is the kind of person who is so partisan that she would tweet huge numbers of tweets and re-tweets about the alleged sexual misdemeanours of a Republican candidate (all critical of him) but would tweet very few about the alleged sexual misdemeanours of a Democratic politician - and many of the latter would be statements by the politician, re-tweets of people praising the politician or the BBC reporter-presenter herself using that politician to criticise the sitting Republican president herself. 

Such is the very behaviour of the face of the BBC in the United States, Katty Kay

The hilarious thing about this is that ultra-partisan Katty has now had the cheek to post a one-sided rant on the BBC News website...

Its theme? The awfulness of partisanship. 

Or to be more accurate,  the awfulness of Republican partisanship.

Yes really. 

She rails against US Republicans and their supporters for being partisan and blindsided by their one-sidedness.

Not for one second does it appear to have crossed her mind that she herself is far from immune from the charge of 'tribalism', doubtless seeing herself as the embodiment of non-partisan reasonableness. And yet here she is posting a BBC News website piece that is itself thoroughly partisan and  blindsided by its author's one-sidedness.

Oh would some Power the gift give her, to see herself as others see her!

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