Wednesday 14 March 2018

BBC activism (again)

The BBC, via BBC Trending, is showing no ambivalence whatsoever tonight as far as Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner are concerned. It out-and-out backs up the UK authorities' decision.

I've been surprised at the range of people objecting to the UK authorities' refusal to allow them into the UK on the grounds that (a) they pose no threat of violence to the UK and that (b) plenty of jihadists and jihadi supporters who do pose a threat to the UK are let in.

The BBC Trending article about them is little more than a hatchet job - something signalled by the fact that "far-right" Lauren, Brittany and Martin are repeatedly given the 'criminal' treatment by being constantly referred to merely by their surnames. 

Despite my social media timeline being full of people - many expected, many unexpected, none extreme - crying foul of the the UK authorities' decision to bar these three young people, BBC Trending failed to pick up on any of that (intentionally or otherwise).

Instead, the 'impartial expert' figure in their piece is the far-from-impartial Nick Lowles of Hate Not Hope, who backs up the (anonymous) BBC reporter's hatchet job. 

This kind of piece reads like activism rather than impartial reporting. It's quite astonishing that the BBC allows such pieces to be put out. 


  1. We all know that BBC Trending is run by "far left" Mike Wendling (ex Village Voice) so nothing surprising in this coverage.

    This latest banning is outrageous. Laura Southern is not a racist or extreme in her opinions. I think her opinions would probably be backed by 80% of the UK population. The other two may need a bit more examination. The "identity" movement definitely is associated with Nazi ideas. Personally I have no problem with people in this country being exposed to such ideas but I can see how that might not be the general view in the UK.

  2. Just remember to fall about laughing when the BBC tells us that it "speaks truth to power" or some such piety.


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