Thursday 29 March 2018

Sky News 29th March 2018 about 4:30 pm

Unfortunately this is only the first half of this interview. I'm hoping someone will put up the rest of it soon.


  1. I think associating anti-semitism only with the "far left" is not very helpful.

    Mainstream socialists, including the trade union element in the Labour Party have over the years shown plenty of anti-semitism (particularly in areas where the Irish Roman Catholic tradition was strong).

    Also - very relevant but the BBC and rest of the MSM shy away from addressing the issue - the Labour Party now has a substantial membership drawn from people who support Sharia. They aren't too fussed about issues of hard left v soft left within the Party - that's usually just camouflage as far as they are concerned. But they do bring into the Labour Party the frank anti-Jewish ideology that lies at the heart of Sharia, so again not an issue of the "far left" alone.

  2. Does struggle with the doing vs. saying thing still.

    Just like the other bloke.

    Still, good to have a pulpit with major coverage that knows which powers better not held to account.


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