Saturday 31 March 2018

March of Return

“I’m now convinced that there is something detestable about Corbyn’s politics which make it impossible to defend him any more.
changed my mind

Moving on, I certainly don’t think the socialist Portuguese political pundit with a secret message in her actual name “Eu-nice-Goes” ….should be no-platformed. No, certainly not. I don’t think silencing people you disagree with is the way to go. If I did I might not have to be blogging about BBC bias, know what I mean?

Eunice was given quite a platform on Dateline London, and she used it to unleash a no-holds-barred diatribe against Israel.

Shaun Ley brought up the topic of the “March for (the Right of) Return”, a Hamas orchestrated stunt to propel as many of Gaza’s martyrs to paradise as possible in order to gain a propaganda advantage over Israel. Which, judging by the tweets below this IDF video captioned: “Hamas has everything to gain and Palestinian civilians have everything to lose in riots like the one that happened yesterday,” went like a dream. The feeling that Israel acted disproportionately is overwhelming.

Love thy neighbour

Eunice Goes certainly did 'Go'. She went to town - with an undiluted, even dare I say, spittle-flecked anti-Israel rant, which was not nice at all. As if making an impassioned plea for the Palestinians’ Right of Return, and calling Gaza a prison wasn’t enough questionable anti-Israelism during the relevant discussion, she was also invited to give an Easter message in the concluding section of the show. “Although I was an atheist and am now an agnostic,” she said, “I think there’s a lot to be said for the Christian message  ‘love thy neighbour’ and justice for the Palestinians will only happen if Israel decides to make peace as the Middle east conflict is entirely Israel’s fault, Happy Easter. (not verbatim)

If you are wondering about the rights and wrongs of Right of Return, this video might be of interest.

While I agree that “Hamas has everything to gain and Palestinian civilians have everything to lose in riots like the one that happened yesterday,” I can see that it’s hard to argue in support of firing live ammunition at unarmed civilians while they’re on their own side of the fence. However, one does have to ask (well, I do, if no-one else does) how do they suggest Israel respond, assuming that there are indeed armed members of Hamas amongst the crowd (familiar tactics) and how exactly could the IDF react, should thousands of rioting protesters actually break through the fence and head towards Israeli towns, villages and kibbutzim? Hand out flowers?

Of course we don’t know how this will pan out. I’m talking on day two of the proposed activities, March 30 – the eve of Passover — through May 15. 

At the moment it looks like a propaganda victory for Hamas; a win-win situation for them. They gain martyrs, and Israel loses yet more respect from the rest of the world. If you’re a Corbynista, a friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, what’s not to like? And I do think the BBC shouldn’t be encouraging stunts like this. Send Yolande Knell back for that new-fangled anti-antisemitism training that the Labour Party is setting up. 


  1. The BBC likes to attach labels: "far right", "extreme", "controversial" etc. Why don't they refer to "Jew hating Hamas"? - because their constitution makes very clear, crystal clear, that is what they are about.

  2. The "anti-Semitism training" consists of next time make sure you don't get found out.

  3. I see Jon ‘Beauty’ Sopel has taken a fellow tweeter to task for views not his own.

    Which is his right. Apparently.

    And they say satire is dead.

    1. Yes, according to Sopel it's hate speech to suggest that metropolitan elite cross dressing sits rather uncomfortably with historical Labour. But then, there are people who like to dress as clowns during the day, or sport facial tatoos or wear bones through their Sopel going to tell us it's hate speech to suggest those lifestyle choices might also be problematic?

    2. I knew he was bonkers and a total bandwagoneer, but climbing that high horse was knocking it out the park. More seriously, Charter-busting even with the 'views my evil twin's own' cloak of deniability.

      Across the left wing politico-media axis of weevils there is now an new outrage trend where one decides something is beyond the pale, flounces big time and often demands a deletion, and when the target does not comply they get all their mates to RT until still nothing happens.

      But BBC Trending can claim 'the internet' is appalled, when it really isn't.


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