Sunday 11 March 2018

There's none so blind....

Here's a little more Twitter action concerning the BBC's World Affairs Editor and leading Brexit opponent Lord Adonis:
John Simpson: Russian defectors no longer seem safe in UK. Nor is anyone who happens to be around when they are attacked. British reaction to the Litvinenko murder was pathetic.  Given it's the basic duty of any government to protect its people, how will Theresa May respond now?
Lord Adonis: So John, what do you suggest? Expel the Russian Ambassador and half of Russian diplomats in London (similar to Alec D-Home’s action in 1971)?
John Simpson: Not my job to tell the govt what to do. But experience shows that if you respond feebly to a brazen assault it's an open invitation for the same thing to happen again.
From every such exchange that I've ever read, I think it's pretty clear that John Simpson really does never think, even for one second, that he's ever expressed a non-impartial opinion on anything.  


  1. Mad John is wondering down the middle of the road in his underpants screaming at the cars to get out of the way.

  2. How cosy-unelected Labour bagman Adonis chews the cud with equally unelected Beeb grandee of nothing much.
    Imagine we got this crap, because the water cooler has walked off...or the champagne chocolate fountains were being quaffed by Campbell/Peston...Marr/Clegg...Soubry/ Newman...indeed the whole damned lot of media talking heads and gas bottles.

  3. What do you do though? I ask because I can see no obvious answer that would work.

    1. Me either. And the saviour of Kabul mouthing off whilst admitting he has no idea either makes that massive BBC salary seem injury on top of insult.


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