Wednesday 14 March 2018

Perhaps rightly in some cases

Lucy Allan MP

As discussed on a previous threadWoman's Hour, to their credit, gave almost a quarter of an hour to the Telford paedophile scandal yesterday and Jane Garvey herself raised the issue of BBC squeamishness, even conceding the possibility that the BBC's critics might have a point. 

I would note though that she herself stuck to using the "Asian" label, leaving it to her guest Lucy Allan MP to be more specific about the perpetrators' "Pakistani heritage" (with neither of them going anywhere near the 'Muslim' angle), and also that, being a feminist first-and-foremost, she initially tried to shift the conversation to make it about "men" in general:
Jane Garvey: Of course other people over the years, perhaps rightly in some cases, have accused people like the BBC being somewhat squeamish about being absolutely truthful about these sorts of events. From what I can gather, and you can correct me  Lucy, the organisation of these hideous crimes was largely done by Asian men, However, not all victims were white women, white girls, and certainly some of the perpetrators, other perpetrators, were white men and Chinese men, indeed Men - that was the only thing that distinguished them from the rest of the population. Is that fair?
Lucy Allan: I think the police always, in any crime, must do a profile of the perpetrator and a profile of the victim. In Telford there is no doubt that it is a crime committed by older men against young girls from a particular type of background. In my experience they are young white working class girls with multiple vulnerabilities. That is a common denominator. Yes, some of the perpetrators have been from Asian communities.
Jane Garvey: Well, the organisation of the whole ring, the paedophile ring that was running in Telford, that was done by Asian men. There's no getting away from that?
Lucy Allan: Yes, here were seven Asian men running a organised network across Telford and they were all from Pakistani heritage.


  1. Ah, I thought it was Garvey who said they were Pakistani. I don't have access to iPlayer to check precise wording and hadn't retained most of that conversation. That comment of hers was startling and a major climbdown. Turns out not to be quite as major as I thought. If it has filtered through the dense walls of the BBC that they have been too squeamish, you'd think they'd have noticed that 'some' would also consider it unfair to most Asians to attribute it to Asians undifferentiated. Yet she still ploughs on with it.

  2. Garvey is one of the BBC's Uberfeminists. For her this isn't about the horrific suffering of young women or girls, it's about nailing the feminist narrative to the story. So she claims the only common theme for all these abuse patterns is that the perpetrators are MALE. Slam dunk as far as she is concerned. Only problem is that the record shows a lot of women (yes WOMEN) are used as lures in these abuse networks. Garvey not interested.


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