Friday 16 March 2018

Treading on eggshells

The BBC News website this morning has this as a very prominent item (just under the main headline):

When you click into it you find it's a long piece looking at child sexual exploitation in the light of the Telford grooming scandal. 

It focuses on how the victims of grooming are seen. 

It makes little mention of the cultural element of the grooming gangs phenomenon and makes no mention whatsoever of any common religious aspect to the profile of the paedophile gangs. This is how the piece deals with the issue:
While some of the most high-profile cases of CSE have involved gangs of men with Pakistani heritage abusing white girls, Dr Beckett points out that there is "no typical CSE case".
It looks, therefore, as if the BBC is continuing to tread on eggshells when it comes to reporting these kind of scandals.

Update: The BBC has changed the image and caption now. Their Home Page now shows this:


  1. They appear to have made a pretty rotten omelette of it too.

    Not least playing very fast and loose with ‘quotes’.

  2. Whatever the BBC article says, yes it is the child's responsibility to stay safe. It is the responsibility of others not to do harm.
    Not to worry anyway, I think the Terrorist Act 2000 prevents reporting of 'certain' activities, so they 'never' happened.

  3. I read it. It was appalling in its voluntary myopia. I don't count mentioning Pakistan or Asian as relevant. There are plenty of people of Hindu or Christian background from Pakistan in this country who don't engage in this behaviour. We all know the author of this terrible piece of non-journalism was straining to avoid the I word, the M word, the S word and the K word, but unless you look at what Islam teaches, how a male Muslim sees his role in life, what Sharia lays down as law and what a Kaffir is, then none of this behaviour makes sense.


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