Friday 16 March 2018


What’s the point of Hardtalk? The blurb says:
In-depth interviews with hard-hitting questions and sensitive topics being covered as famous personalities from all walks of life talk about the highs and lows in their lives.
Well, you’d never guess that Sackur’s guest Ahmad Tibi was the same fellow that appears in this clip. 

If you have the stamina you can read BBC Watch’s two-part deconstruction of the interview, here and here

The first problem one has is that this outrageous figure is being treated respectfully when he is obviously a fundamentalist religious extremist; racist, duplicitous, grievance mongering, and very privileged to occupy a seat in the Israeli Knesset. Peace ? forget it.

The other problem - or problems - lie within the interview itself, and all the omissions and sundry economicals with the actualité that Sacker allows to slip through the net. 

So what of it?

Well, as a certain BDS activist might say, it’s just another brick in the wall. 

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  1. I think Sackur asks "fake" hard could imagine the following:

    "But, Josef Stalin, you are reviled by half the planet, the relatives of the enemies who you've had killed hate you...even your closest colleagues secretly despise you. How do you keep going? Where does that boundless optimism come from?"

    If he asked really hard questions, people wouldn't come on the show.


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