Sunday 25 March 2018



  1. Yes - this has been discussed on the Open Thread, where I pointed out the BBC finds it has to use quotation marks around hero (when reporting on the heroic French police officer) but not around fantasist (when reporting on the "Surry teenager terrorist").

  2. It's not just hero in the headline but heroism in the text below also gets the treatment.

  3. 'Fortunately' the BBC made amends by postponing Saturday's 'nordic noir'.

    How they can make the connection between a fictional story set in Denmark and a real but totally disimilar event in France beats me.

    They replaced the serial with a Belgian film about a women being made redundant. Don't the heartless brutes realise that there might be people out there that have also been made redundant?

    Fake news and now fake empathy.

    1. It's like those "If you've been affected by the content of this programme here's a list of helplines..." notices at the end of soaps...they should say "If you've been traumatised by reliving your personal nightmares that we've used for entertainment and to make us all personally shedloads of money, then we aren't too concerned but if you are here's a list of helplines which has cost us nothing."

  4. Another little thing; the BBC said that he married his 'partner' while in hospital.
    Are we supposed to assume the default BBC position that he was homosexual?
    I believe the French have a word that used to well-known here, 'fiancée'.


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