Saturday 10 March 2018

Remembrance of Email Exchanges Past

Charles Tannock MEP

Continuing tonight's 'beyond satire' theme, here's a little more Twitter madness that could have been crafted by a master satirist:
Peston on Sunday: Jacob_Rees_Mogg will be in lively conversation with @Peston this Sunday. Don’t forget to tune in at 10am on @ITV. #Peston
Jim Cornelius 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE #WATON: For God's sake, why don't you get someone on who actually knows how the EU functions. Like @CharlesTannock for instance? If you have JRM on, please please, don't let him get away with false claims about how much we'll save on tariff reductions. His numbers don't add up.
Charles Tannock MEP: Thanks Jim but they will never invite Remain MEPs like me as it doesn't fit the BBC Brexit narrative that the future is bright as global Britain divorces from Europe. I see nothing positive to celebrate about a selfish & destructive act.
Jim Cornelius 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE #WATON: Point well made, but for he sake of accuracy Peston is on ITV.
Charles Tannock MEP: Very true but my main anger is directed at BBC which I find very biased.
I think - some eight or nine years on - that (for the first time in my blogging life) it's now fair to break a sort-of confidence (about which I'm always extremely scrupulous). 

In my earliest blogging days I used to email Mr Tannock - now a hardline Remainer - about his treatment at the hands of the BBC because, in those days, he used to project himself as a Eurosceptic Conservative MEP and was on 'the receiving end' of the BBC's treatment of such people at the time, and I used to blog about that treatment. 

And he very pleasantly engaged with me, agreeing with me about the BBC's pro-EU reporting and (apparently) eagerly lapping up my evidence of BBC bias (especially BBC bias against 'Eurosceptic' him)...

...and yet here he is now, having transformed himself from a Eurosceptic into a Europhile, saying that the BBC is pro-Brexit and that it has a "narrative" that "the future is bright as global Britain divorces from Europe" - which as about as untrue a claim about BBC bias as I've ever read. 

People (especially politicians perhaps) can be very strange at times, can't they?

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  1. Could it be that Mr Tannock has by now accumulated so much EU pension and potential future goodwill from the Eurocrats (= future income) that this has tempered his Euroscepticism? A long shot perhaps...I doubt it, somehow, knowing how selfless and honourable MEPs are as a rule, but you never know. :) Let's call it a working hypothesis.


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