Sunday 11 March 2018

Late on Parade

The unhappy departure of Labour shadow cabinet member Debbie Abrahams is the second story on ITV News's website at the moment. The Sky News website has it as their fourth story. The BBC News website doesn't have it at all. 

Apparently Labour's welfare spokeswoman has been accused of bullying but is, in turn, accusing the Labour leader's office of bullying her. 

I'm sure the BBC News website will catch up eventually, especially given that it's quite a story.

Update: And so they have (published at 2:45 in the morning, four hours after this post).

Further update: Curiouser and curiouser:
Debbie Abrahams’ allies are doing a good job of convincing moderate Labour MPs and her friends in the media that she is the victim of a stitch up by the Leader’s Office. She is saying the bullying allegations against her are essentially a plot by Team Jezza to get rid of her after she publicly criticised him. The truth is that Abrahams’ behaviour towards staff has been the subject of much chatter among parliamentary bag-carriers for years. She has been looked at closely by broadcasters investigating bullying. Don’t believe the Labour moderates’ spin…


  1. Is Debbie Abrahams Jewish? And if so, does that make perfect sense that Jeremy and his Pally Pals would want rid of her?

  2. It's getting beyond ridiculous now with accusations of bullying flying back and forth between the original accused and the accusers. Labour still doesn't seem to have a clue how to do proper process when someone is alleged to have done something wrong. That man who committed suicide hadn't been told what was alleged against him even though it is a fundamental principle in employment law that the accused has a right to know that and to make representations.

    Yet seemingly here we are again where (it is reported) she was asked to step down which she agreed but then thought better of it and realised she needed to know first what she was supposed to have done.

  3. Be fair, it takes time to clear these stories with Labour HQ, Muslim Council of Britain and the EU Commission, let alone checking to see if there is a drama or book of the week on file to either push the point or mitigate the damage as appropriate.

  4. A chart, and hence comparison of speed, prominence and duration of major stories, or not, across MSM outlets may reveal some interesting skews.

    BBC Editorial Integrity of course will explain of theirs that look unusual.


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