Wednesday 14 March 2018

White privilege

From my social media reading I know that plenty of people think that white farmers in South Africa are in danger of their lives and their livelihoods, and that a Zimbabwe-style persecution is starting there. 

It's not a story that the BBC has been particularly interested in but it's certainly caught their attention today. 

Why? Because Australia has said that it might provide visas for white South African farmers to help them escape that "persecution" - a move you could bet your bottom euro that the BBC would strongly disapprove of. 

And disapprove it quite clearly does.

The BBC News website report about it today puts the South African government's dismissal first and, very strikingly, uses this as its halfway sub-headline:

Note that it isn't even in quotation marks.

And then the BBC then lays out its own opinion (including a Reality Check ruling) under that very headline:

So that's the Australian government told!


  1. Lost a set of grandparents in Africa to some locals who were inspired by post-colonial encouragement that was not in the Geneva Convention.

    The BBC and its starry-eyed moppets can take a long walk off a short pier where the great whites assemble, and what I will say as they drop can be 'quoted', "quoted" or 'reported' to my employers.

  2. That is one of the clearest cases of BBC Bias I've seen!

    As you say, the BBC has been studiously avoiding the developing race-related crisis in South Africa...and now, when they finally decide to cover it, they are deploying their Fake News techniques to make sure the real story gets buried.

  3. It’s interesting to me that racism, is only racism in one direction in the liberal general group think.

    If we really want to stop it we need to stop identifying separate races etc and stamp out any mention of it, this means no celebrating cultural identity etc.

    1. The BBC like to make out as though Black (Bantu) Africans have been living in South Africa since the dawn of time. The reality is they only moved in in the 1500s and displaced the original inhabitants, the San people. The Dutch got to the Cape long before them.

      They've no more "right" to the land than the Europeans.

  4. I am an Asian Atheist from Bangladesh and find the recent far-distorted-leftist views nauseating to say the least.


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