Sunday 11 March 2018

More of the same

Continuing on the theme of 'BBC bias by omission'...

It's striking that newspapers from The Times to The Daily Mirror are reporting tonight on the latest Grenfell fraud story - a fraud probe being launched after 15 members of the same family received public aid worth up to £1m and at least three new homes by claiming they lived in a single flat destroyed by the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Such Grenfell fraud stories keep cropping up in the papers and people on sites like this keep on complaining that the BBC is failing (or refusing) to report them.

The BBC certainly isn't reporting this one yet. Maybe they'll sneak it somewhere in the deeper recesses of their website in a day or two's time? Or will they just ignore it completely?


  1. Who knows? But we understand what their game is: protect the PC multiculturalist ideology at all costs. They only ever make tactical retreats in the fact of overwhelming odds. Not sure this story is yet big enough for the BBC to perform one of its tactical retreats, conducted under a lot of covering fire.

  2. I turned on the radio during the week... Woman's Hour programme for the day included women campaigners for Grenfell and would finish with something about a jihadi. I turned it off pronto. Another day the same week I tuned in only to hear they were starting with some woman who started Black Lives Matter. I turned it off. Oh and it was presented by someone who I think counts as one of their favoured groupings - black'n'asian. The weekend Woman's Hour programme gives the flavour of the week's offerings complete with pic

  3. I wonder if Masi was waved through at UK Calais Immigration?


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