Saturday 24 March 2018

Who's in the dock?

In happier days....

Further to yesterday's post speculating that the one thing that might provoke the BBC into giving Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party a really terrible press would probably be something Brexit-related rather than anything antisemitism-related, well, Jeremy Corbyn's sacking of the pro-EU Owen Smith for backing a second EU referendum looks to be just the sort of thing. 

The BBC News website had a main report about it last night that was initially heavily stacked with defenders of Owen Smith and critics of Jeremy Corbyn. The last of the article's five versions, published some two-and-a-half hours after the first, toned the bias down considerably by adding Diane Abbott's comments near the top of the article. 

This morning the story is still a main story on the BBC News website and a new report has been posted about it, first under the headline Labour MPs attack sacking of Owen Smith over Brexit and now under the headline Labour's Owen Smith 'stood by principles' on Brexit:

This reverts to the heavy bias of the first four versions of yesterday's article giving Mr. Smith and the Corbyn critics (Chuka, Lord Hain, Anna Turley, Ben Bradshaw) the first 13 paragraphs of the article and demoting poor old Diane Abbott to its 14th paragraph.

P.S. I think it's only right to lift this comment from the Open Thread and add it to this post, as it's highly relevant - and I agree with it:


  1. Yes. You and Weasel are right. Also, the BBC seem supremely uninterested in whether Owen Smith's actions are part of a Blair/Mandelson directed plot. We haven't heard from Blair in a while, but doesn't mean he's not still plotting.

    Also, the BBC never challenge the useless Smith's claims. He claims that you can leave the EU and remain in the Single Market. This is not possible. Neither Norway nor Switzerland are members of the single market. There is the European Economic Area that Norway belongs to by virtue of its EFTA membership. But that is NOT the Single Market, which the EU Commission states clearly on its website relates solely to EU territory.

  2. This is pretty damning of Corbyn - it's when you put it all together that you see the pattern...this is more than naive leftism. This is a deep, deep compulsion and obsession on Corbyn's part and the only explanation I think is anti-semitism. Not necessarily consciously so, but his behaviour (reckless disregard as to whom he is associating with) suggests it is there, beneath the surface. How one would love to have heard some conversations from the Corbyn household.

    1. Yes, the pattern is getting ever clearer.


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