Saturday 10 March 2018

"One has to wonder, is this what she meant?"

Today's From Our Own Correspondent returned to the subject of the European migrant. As ever, the FOOC reporter (one Richard Hall) couldn't help but reveal his feelings on the subject - and, yes, they're the expected ones. He called the reaction across Europe in 2015 a "panic" and said that the migrant trail now is "smaller and meaner". For a flavour of the piece, here's how it ended:
This is the underground migrant trail of today: desperate young men camping in forests; families crossing borders in the cold, dark night; women under attack. At the height of the migrant crisis, when she appealed to other countries to share the burden, Angela Merkel said, "If Europe fails on the question of refugees then it won't be the Europe we wished for". One has to wonder, is this what she meant?

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  1. I heard that too and noticed the use of the word "desperate". No BBC report on the subject whether it be in Greece, Croatia, Serbia or Calais is ever presented without it. What is the evidence for it? In many cases I would say that "determined" would be more true to the reality. One of those reality checks may be in order.


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