Saturday 5 April 2014

'Newsnight': 31 March-4 April

Time again for this week's list of stories covered by Newsnight (plus details of those interviewed). What does it tell you about BBC bias?

Monday 31/3
1. Government pledges full employment. What is full employment? Interview with Nicky Morgan MP (Con)
2.  Tuition fees: is the present scheme working? Interview with David Willetts (Con) and John Denham (Lab)
3. Climate change adaptation. Roger Harrabin reports. 
4. Social network addiction: "They were sold as way to freedom, but are screens enslaving us?". Report by Professor Tanya Byron.
5. Should Germans make jokes about Hitler? Interview with Timur Vermes, author of Look Who's Back, & writer and journalist Sophie Hardach.
     [Closing credits: The Fukishimi Youth Sinfonietta perform a piece called 'Home' in memory of the 2011 tsunami that struck the nuclear power station there]

Tuesday 1/4
1. Ebola virus: What is the ebola virus? Interview with Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust; Paul Goa Zoumanigui, Guinean Ambassador to the UK; & Meinie Nicolai, Medecins Sans Frontieres Belgium
2. Help to Buy & an overheating housing market. Interview with housing minister Kris Hopkins MP (Con)
3. Hillsborough. Report & interview with the BBC's Peter Marshall.
4. UKIP in power. A report from Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. Interview with John Harris, The Guardian & UKIP councillor Suzanne Evans. 
5. Ukraine. Interview with Anna and Sonia Kuprienko (The Bloom Twins), Ukrainian pop group/protestors.
      [Closing credits: performance by the Bloom Twins]

Wednesday 2/4
1. Clegg-Farage debate. Interview with John McTernan, political strategist & Lord Finkelstein (Con), The Times
2. Afghanistan. Lyse Doucet reports.
3. Climate change. Interview with scientist James Lovelock.  
4. The Co-operative Bank
5. International aid: "Why should British taxpayers be obliged to give money to the less fortunate, and does it even do much good?" Interview with Malini Mehra, Centre for Social Markets; & Peter Bone MP (Con).
Thursday 3/4
1. Air pollution - "a real and present danger in the UK". Interview with Professor Roy Harrison, University of Birmingham & Dr Maria Neira, World Health Organisation.
2. Jimmy Carter on Edward Snowden. Interview with former U.S. president Jimmy Carter.
3. Maria Miller's expenses
4. Rwandan genocide: The UN peacekeeper who saved hundreds of lives. 
5. Women in Jacobean plays. Interview with actress Fiona Shaw & literary scholar Jonathan Bate.
6. "Supermarket sociology"
     [Closing credits: a scene from Love, Life & Laughter, the newly-rediscovered British silent film classic]

Friday 4/4
1. Maria Miller's expenses. Interview with Therese Coffey MP (Con) & Heather Brooke, FoI campaigner.
2. Legal Highs: "Can you, should you ban people from getting off their heads on drugs sold over the counter?"  Interview with Norman Baker MP (Lib Dem) & George Lamb, presenter Can I Get High Legally?
3. The British East India Company: A "dark episode in our colonial past"? Interview with Professor Tirthankar Roy, LSE & Nick Robins, author, The Corporation That Changed The World.
      [Closing credits: A brass band performs Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit  to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain] 

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