Tuesday 22 April 2014

Why Google News is better than BBC News

Google News is a great source of news. Better than the BBC in fact.

Today, Google News shows that many a UK news site is updating their readers with the latest news from Abu Hamza's trial:

Abu Hamza: '9/11 Made Everybody Happy'
Sky News-9 hours ago

US jurors hear Abu Hamza's praise for September 11 attacks
Reuters UK-13 hours ago

Abu Hamza was 'happy' about 9/11 attacks terror trial jury hears
Daily Mail-12 hours ago

Abu Hamza trial sees him praising 9/11 hijackers
Telegraph.co.uk-21 hours ago

Abu Hamza in US terror trial: "Everyone was happy when the planes crashed on 9/11"
Mirror.co.uk-22 hours ago

The BBC News website isn't reporting this story though.

It mentioned the start of Hamza's trial on April 17th, but hasn't returned to it since - which is funny, given that the BBC is the world's largest broadcast news organisation and has the wherewithal to keep its readers up to date with the news, when it wants to. 


  1. Interestingly, the BBC has decided to cover at length another - if trivial - trial: the one of Pistorius in South Africa. Obviously the BBC has decided that its mission to "entertain" is rather more important than its mission to "inform".

    1. Yes, programmes like 'PM' on Radio 4 have been fixated on the Pistorius trial and the News Channel's extensive coverage suggests what might happen if British courts were to bring in TV cameras. The hacking trial would have taken over large swathes of the News Channel's output.


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