Saturday 27 December 2014

And finally...

...before I go to bed...

...yet more examples of BBC reporters tweeting from the Left, courtesy of the ever-diligent DB at Biased BBC.

First, here's BBC Senior Broadcast Journalist Megha Mohan:

And, second, here's one from one of the BBC's regional Middle East editors, Lina Sinjab (familiar from her reporting from Libya - her home country if memory serves me right):

Such opinions really do seem to be 'in their genes'.


  1. It's a shame nobody's bothered to update the Tweets page. It would probably have about 150 entries by now.

    I expect Sinjab will soon be gushing about universal health care and the 100% literacy rate. Globalization is a bad thing? Why do Leftoids always want to keep various groups of people living in abject poverty or even stone-age conditions for their own amusement?

    1. Yes, there have been some very clear-cut examples recently and it could do with an update.

      I did a review of it recently and it's surprising how many of them have moved on from the BBC. Others are now very cautious about what they tweet (so, result!).

      The present lot, most of who would be new to the Tweets page, are at least as bad though. Hugh Sykes (must as I like him, as you know) could fill up half a page on his own!

      Globalization has seen life prosperity and life expectancy rise massively in the past few decades. People are no longer dying en masse in infancy, young adulthood and middle age. Russell Brand's hated capitalism has wrought wonders for much of mankind.

      It really is amazing how little you hear that on the BBC.


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