Thursday 31 August 2017

'Fair and balanced'

Impartial BBC reporters have, naturally, tweeted about it...

...including the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson. 

He, characteristically, kept his own views very firmly to himself. 

Reading his tweets I for one would never know if he approved or disapproved of the decision, so impartial is he (Nurse! Nurse!):


  1. It's a complete lie from Simpson. Most of its presenters argue point by point - it's not like Alex Jones going off on one on InfoWars. The discussions are civilised by and large. There is far less grandstanding than you get on the BBC. Talking of ignorance...what about BBC presenters claiming that there were more people displaced by the Syrian conflict than by WW2
    ...or that the Texas hurricane is caused by global warming...or that Germans were welcoming the migrant influx of 2015. Talking of anger what about the BBC presenter trying to link a non-hate crime murder in Essex to Nigel Farage, in high moral tones. Talking about prejudice - what about the BBC's regular references to "left behind" voters being behind the Brexit vote (despite the fact that the South, a very prosperous part of the country voted for Brexit).

  2. I think he's got Fox News confused with BBC World News America.


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