Thursday 10 August 2017

Misogyny: Pakistani style

Newcastle Grooming Gang

Is Sarah Champion as opportunistic as she looks? It seems like only yesterday that we were looking at the video of Ms Champion in her constituency (Rotherham) giving an impassioned speech to some sort of committee, mainly consisting of Pakistani gentlemen. A council meeting or something. Ms Champion was demanding that Israel must immediately stop slaughtering Palestinian children. Under the circumstances it seemed quite odd that she was sitting at the head of the table with a disconcerting amount of bare flesh on show. I mean, tut tut. A little modesty, surely.  
Condemning Israel must have seemed the most  appropriate way to serve the interests of her constituents at that time.

When the Pakistani grooming cases were coming to light, Rotherham in particular having occurred under her nose apparently without her noticing, Ms Champion switched her attention from the children of Gaza to the children in her own constituency and became the people’s Champion, with the welfare of children 'closer to home' as her area of special interest.

On the Today programme, having courageously announced that the latest scandal concerned mainly Pakistani men, she thought it was time someone did a study to find out what is going on. Are these cultural issues? Why are we not commissioning research to see what’s going on?

“Do we need the research?” asked Humph. “We know what’s going on.”

“We don’t know why it’s going on though” countered Ms. Champion as if she hadn’t seen any of the headlines that screamed: “ NEWCASTLE GROOMING GANG ‘White women are good only for people like me to use as trash’ "

Of course the BBC has been playing its usual tricks with this story, trying to make the main issue about the police using a convicted child abuser and rapist as an informer, and paying him a tidy sum for doing so.  I’d say it’s pretty obvious to (almost) everyone but the BBC that in this particular case the end (very probably) justified the means. (I don't want to stick my neck out here because I don't know all the facts) but this unfortunate side issue shouldn't be allowed to eclipse the main story.

The only thing ‘new’ is the fact that people are naming ‘Pakistani’ rather than Asian. This might seem like progress, were it not for the fact that people are reminding each other that some of the infamous 17 were from countries other than Pakistan. No-one has so far mentioned anything else that the men might have in common.

Poor Ms Champion is losing sleep over it. “because I know every time I talk about it the level of Islamophobia increases.” Hmm. Since no-one has specifically mentioned the religion of peace, why should that be?

Another Sara (without the H) was interviewed towards the end of the Today programme. Speaking to John Humphrys were the real life heroine of BBC one’s “Three Girls” dramatisation of the Rochdale sex abuse case, (played in the drama by Maxine Peake) health worker Sara Rowbottom, and Nazmin Akhtar, vice chair of the Muslim Women’s Expert (.....when it’s at home.) 

Rochdale Grooming Gang

The one common factor, opined the latter, is that the perpetrators are all men, targeting women. This is about misogyny, and nothing to do with you know what.

You absolutely couldn’t make it up.


  1. Ah, just like how Owen Jones insisted that the Muslim lunatic who murdered a bunch of homosexuals in a club was simply about homophobia, full stop, nothing to do with what inspired the murderer's homophobia. I recall the little blot on the landscape got so upset he stormed off the set when challenged.

    Poor Ms Champion is losing sleep over it. “because I know every time I talk about it the level of Islamophobia increases.”

    And here we see Ms Champion and the BBC invoking the Sykes Rule.

  2. I was stunned by R4 Today this morning when Humphries said to Ken McDonald that all the men are Muslims. McDonald agreed. Credit to them both.

    But McDonald went onto say it's racist. And that is what the BBC has run with for the rest of the day on it's News. For example, on Mair's PM there was a long discussion with the policewoman who resigned in disgust after the Rochdale scandal, but never once was Islam or Muslim mentioned.

    Well, I suppose it's progress, a small sign of glasnost from the BBC - the perpetrators have moved from being men, to asian men, to south asian men to pakistani men. But I suspect Humphries is being hauled over the coals right now and will be pensioned-off pdq for saying "Muslim".

    1. Humphrys said it to set up his guest to dismiss it and say any concern is racist.

    2. The BBC and guests are currently very 'top of news' today.

      They invite on Lord Lawson; he makes claims, as pols do..... the poo hits the windmill....

      Currently every single BBC outlet is running BBC on BBC wails from science folk about fake news and the BBC's failure to oversee folk the 'right' way.

      It would be funny were it not pathetic.

  3. Ellie Fant-Indaroom10 August 2017 at 21:10

    Even if Islam is mentioned the historical example of the man supposed to be the perfect example for all followers of Islam will NOT be mentioned. The fields of verboten have spread far and wide.

  4. It is fascinating the way that the BBC adopts the role of observer when the post-mortem results come in yet it is one of the main actors in many cases.
    Maggie Oliver described to Eddie Mair on PM how the abused girls were arrested for 'racial' abuse in response to being vocally abused by 'men' and that the asymmetric use of the law led to the 'men' considering themselves immune from prosecution. The BBC have made this asymmetry a high art, Christians and Jews are 'fair game' but Islam is the religion that they dare not say its name which creates a wider culture that Islam is immune from criticism , indeed must be promoted where possible.

    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom11 August 2017 at 00:07

      Too right anonymous. Let's not forget that this is the BBC which says it will report your posts on its website to your employer, your school, your university if they deem the posts to be "offensive" and what could be more offensive as far as the BBC are concerned than pointing out the historical truth that the Prophet had kaffir slaves taken in war that he abused and that according to Islam that is a "perfect example" to all followers of the religion.

  5. Ellie Fant-Indaroom10 August 2017 at 23:18

    As if to demonstrate the truth of my post above, Newsnight tonight did address the M/I issue re the grooming gangs, but by the simple expedient of having only Muslims report on and take part in a debate on the issue, managed to ensure that the "perfect example" of the Prophet in relation to Kaffir women was not raised.
    It was a classic feint by Katz's insane liberal brigade (insane because both Katz and Davis would not last ten minutes under Sharia)...their approach was: let's pretend we are being brave by recognising there is an Islamic issue here but at the same time let's advance the real agenda by having a Hijabed reporter for the main item, a dodgy statistical breakdown by Davis, an exclusively Muslim panel and not a single critic of Islam - not a Douglas Murray or Robert Spencer in sight. OK, Newsnight, feel free to tie a rock of deceit to your neck and drown yourself - the rest of us do not wish to go down with your crew.

  6. Sarah Campion and her apparent loss of sleep is exactly the reason why this dreadful abuse was allowed to continue for so long.

    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom12 August 2017 at 00:28

      No. I don't believe her. She's not the type to lose sleep. This issue was well known before 2012 when she first spoke about it. We have only seen these prosecutions because New Labour got scared by BNP making progress on the back of the issue and eating into their vote in some working class areas. The whole thing has been completely political, from the initial refusal (not reluctance) to prosecute or even protect these vulnerable girls, to the prosecutions, to the way the issue is described (yesterday was the first time in 10 years that the BBC admitted that Islam might have some relevance to the problem). Now the BBC are presenting it as an Islamic cultural issue that Muslims can deal with internally.


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